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Virginity Purity Soap


The Virginity Purity Soap is a great and recommended addition to the Artificial Hymen and Hymen Blood Capsule kits as it provides the visual and sensual of vagina purity which complements the blood-like visual effect. Consist of naturally formulated blend of active enzyme crystals which fade the dark colours and brighten your nipples and vagina, restoring both to pristine pink.

Wash your private parts – breasts and vagina thoroughly with the purity soap regularly on a daily basis and repeat for 5-7 days to achieve the pure feeling with pristine vagina colours.

All you need to do is order the Purity Soap, rip the package, follow the product application instructions User Guide and Video Guide, and recreate your first experience of losing virginity at will.

The most eminent purpose of the Purity Soap is to provide the clean and pure sensation before the first-time virginity intercourse boosting confidence and easing the stress. It also completes the theatrical performance of first-time virginity sex by restoring the natural pink pigmentation to the vagina and nipples.

The Purity Soap is best used in conjunction with the Translucent Membrane and Liquid Membrane or with the Tightening Gel as together they bring ultimate virginity effect of blood, and vagina purity appearance.

Note – the product is being delivered in a plain box with the writing VPS to keep it confidential and avoid embarrassment if its open by someone else other than you. To ensure absolute discretion, the Purity Soap Video Guide and PDF Guide can only be found on the website product page.

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