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In many cultures, a bride must come to her wedding bed a virgin. For women who may have an indiscretion in their past, those living in cultures that have strict moral codes, or are physically active, the can help.

The artificial hymen is the brainchild of Alicia Wyndham, well-known fashion designer, Internet marketer and owner of the HymenShop.

“I have created a number of websites that aid girls who have lost their virginity,” says Wyndham. “When a Muslim or other religious girl loses her virginity, it can present serious problems for her and make her life hell after marriage. She might even be divorced by her husband for not being a virgin. That is where a procedure called revirgination or hymenoplasty is useful, but it can cost hundreds of dollars and is not readily available. Many surgeons even refuse to perform it because of ethical issues.

“To help these poor girls, I am proud to be selling the "Artificial Hymen".


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So to regain your virginity, continue to shop with us here at”


Kind Regards,

Alicia Wyndham

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